Monday, June 5, 2017


1) In this article, the main point of interest are greek statues that were lost a long time ago. They were recreated using 3D modeling, and lasers to get the grime off of the statues. Through this method, the scientists began to see how the statues were made.

2) The purpose of the article is to inform the reader.

3) I believe the Text Structure of Cause and effect is being used.

4) One text feature being used would be font effects because there are red words when something new is being talked about. Another would be graphics because they show a picture of what the statue looked like. Finally, I think that the last feature would be text organizers because, as I said earlier, there are red words wherever a new topic is introduced.

Part 2

1) I believe there is such a big disparity because females are the ones not being treated as equals, and therefore, they would pay more attention to it. Meanwhile, males are being treated equally, so they don't have a reason to pay attention to it.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tedx thinger

Recap: For last week's task, I chose my Dad, and I was going to mow the lawn without being asked, and I would have done it, but I got rained out.

1)  Social Media can improve the quality of life by allowing people to get into contact with others easier, and it also allows for people to make businesses online. This is true for me as well, because I can go onto Facebook and contact my relatives that live down in Mississippi, allowing me to talk to them and see how they're doing. This is a link that tells the impact of social media.

2) Shawn's passions in life are living life to the fullest, and snowboarding, and having an adventure. My passions would be playing video games, writing, and having fun in my life. This is all showed by the book that I'm currently writing, which takes all of these and mashes them into one. The plot is almost like a good video game's plot, but different. I like to write the book, and it's a blast writing it, and seeing how it evolves.

3) The two parts of social media are consumption and creation. Each of the parts give you power by allowing you to see what people are doing, and it also allows you to inspire people to do amazing things when they see you doing things.

4) The 'King of the Rainforest story' helps us throughout life by telling us that many people are trying to get you to stop doing amazing things, and that you just have to ignore certain people.

Monday, May 15, 2017

TedTalk thingy

1) My lollipop moment was when my Grandpa made me respect what people tell me, while he maintained his sense of humor. It was the third day my Grandparents had taken my brother and I on a trip to Mississippi, and I hadn't showered since we got there. I was tired, and my Grandma told me to take a shower. Being the person who liked to sleep in, I refused. This was when my Grandpa stepped in. He grabbed behind my neck and told me to go take a shower. As I was in the bathroom, I heard him talking to my Grandma. He said the following words: 'He's like a donkey. You have to get his attention first.'

2) I believe that she means that we're aren't scared of what we can't do, we're scared of what we can, and we're scared that the things we can do will take over. If this were to happen, we'd lose ourselves to the power of what we can do. The light would be the things that we can accomplish, and the dark being things we can't. The reason I say this because the more we do, the more we can accomplish, meaning that the things we could do would be the light. With more things we can do, the less darkness there is, and this copies how light and dark work. With more light, there is less dark, and with more things we can do, there is less that we can't. I agree with this, because I can do many things, and the more I do, the less I can't, and eventually, there will be very little that I won't be able to do, which scares me because I won't have anything left to do after that.

Task: I've decided to help my dad out by mowing the lawn and getting the weeds cut too where the mower can't reach, so he doesn't have to.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Classic Books, Cannon, and the banning of.

1) What makes a book a classic? That is a question that many people have answered for themselves, and the answer that I believe is that it is a book that many people say they are 're-reading', not reading for the first time. To me, this is what makes a book a classic. This link is where I came to that conclusion. 

2) The Canon is a group of books that other books are compared against. This link is where I got this information from. An example of this would be the Bible. 

3) Books should not be banned because they allow many people to have a good time reading them. This is what I like to do when I'm bored and have nothing else to do, and if I didn't have books to go into, I would probably be a lot angrier a lot of the time. Reasons that 'Of Mice and Men' was banned were because of the profanity, and also because Steinbeck was known to have an anti-business attitude. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Dimmadust bowl.

1) Dust Pneumonia is a condition that causes the inflammation of alveoli, or tiny air sacs inside the lungs. This is caused by being overexposed to dust, which causes the sacs to become inflamed. Some symptoms include coughing spasms, shortness of breath, and body aches. This is a link to more symptoms of Dust Pneumonia.

2) People would rub Vaseline on their noses to keep from inhaling the dust, and many children were given gauze masks, which would plug up in about an hour or so. The Dust Bowl was caused by poor agricultural methods, which stripped the top layer of dirt so dust was free.

3) If I had to pack 1 bag into a car with my family, I would pack my electronics, fresh clothes, and some books. The hardest part would be leaving my friends, which are my greatest strength, and also a weakness because I would put my life out for them, and leaving them would rip my heart out.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Public Service Announcement

1) This PSA that was showed is very effective, and the biggest parts of the PSA were the parts where the girl was crying in pain. This showed that car crashes don't just hurt people physically, they can hurt them mentally, as she started crying even worse when she saw her friend's dead bodies. Watching this PSA has helped me to learn that texting and driving has many consequences, and some of those mean death.

2) There are many PSA's and they all have a purpose. This one  talks about bullying, and is not for children, as it shows graphic blood and swearing. I find it useful because of the shock value in it, and it shows that many people who have been bullied have tried to hurt themselves, which draws a point to the issue of bullying. This relates to my life because I used to get bullied a ton in elementary and middle school, and I remember feeling really down on myself because of what people have said. It didn't get as bad as it did in the PSA, but the feeling was horrible and something that I hope I never have to go back to.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Diploma stuffs

1) A diploma, or lack thereof, could affect somebody's health because they wouldn't be able to get a lot of money in their job. Couple that with high hospital costs, and a bad health plan with the job, this would be a high price, and the dropout would most likely not be able to pay for it.
This  is a link that shows more about health and diplomas.

2) Having almost 1 million kids not complete their high school education could be harmful to society because they wouldn't be paying as many taxes, and are more likely to land themselves in jail. This being said, the number of dangerous people would rise, and therefore the society would be more at risk.

3) If the trend of people dropping out continues, the entire school could be taken over by the State so that people would start graduating again. Some of the things the school could do to help would be hire teachers that made the content of the class interesting. This would even help my friends and I, because we usually get bored in certain classes (not this one), and then don't pay as much attention as if we were interested.