Monday, April 24, 2017

Public Service Announcement

1) This PSA that was showed is very effective, and the biggest parts of the PSA were the parts where the girl was crying in pain. This showed that car crashes don't just hurt people physically, they can hurt them mentally, as she started crying even worse when she saw her friend's dead bodies. Watching this PSA has helped me to learn that texting and driving has many consequences, and some of those mean death.

2) There are many PSA's and they all have a purpose. This one  talks about bullying, and is not for children, as it shows graphic blood and swearing. I find it useful because of the shock value in it, and it shows that many people who have been bullied have tried to hurt themselves, which draws a point to the issue of bullying. This relates to my life because I used to get bullied a ton in elementary and middle school, and I remember feeling really down on myself because of what people have said. It didn't get as bad as it did in the PSA, but the feeling was horrible and something that I hope I never have to go back to.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Diploma stuffs

1) A diploma, or lack thereof, could affect somebody's health because they wouldn't be able to get a lot of money in their job. Couple that with high hospital costs, and a bad health plan with the job, this would be a high price, and the dropout would most likely not be able to pay for it.
This  is a link that shows more about health and diplomas.

2) Having almost 1 million kids not complete their high school education could be harmful to society because they wouldn't be paying as many taxes, and are more likely to land themselves in jail. This being said, the number of dangerous people would rise, and therefore the society would be more at risk.

3) If the trend of people dropping out continues, the entire school could be taken over by the State so that people would start graduating again. Some of the things the school could do to help would be hire teachers that made the content of the class interesting. This would even help my friends and I, because we usually get bored in certain classes (not this one), and then don't pay as much attention as if we were interested.

Monday, April 10, 2017


1) Grit is the courage or the resolve to keep going after the goals that you have set, no matter what. It's a necessary element that allows people to keep themselves going, even throughout all of the struggles of everyday life, making it a very important thing. I agree with the phrase entitled child culture because from what I've seen of children recently, all I can see is a child who wasn't told no. Most children will take things because they think that they don't have to work for things. This happens all the time at my church. Not only do the kids disobey the rules all the time, but they always disrupt the service, at which point the mothers never do anything serious about it.

2) According to research, gradual process helps build grit, which is important to help go after the goals that have been set. Later in life, the grit would come in handy to help achieve those long term goals that you've set for yourself. This is a link that shows the help of grit.

3) Out of all these traits, I think I'm the best with kindness, because under the shell of anger and annoyance that I usually give out because of the way people treat me, I usually care about a lot of things, and a lot of people. I'm usually trying to make new friends, and I try to be kind to people. Some may say that's my biggest weakness, but I don't care what they have to say about me or my personality. Over the next three years, I think the trait I would have to work on the most in the next three years is also kindness, but I'm going to explain why it's the same for the one that I have to work on, and also my strongest. Even though I'm a very kind person, I have my moments where I become someone to fear and stay away from. I usually seem to be very annoyed at everything, meanwhile I'm just too concerned with my own personal problems to let people in, which I categorize under kindness. Unfortunately, people usually think my distance means that I'm not willing  to be friends, even though this is completely wrong.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Even more College talk.

1) Josh Mitchell's study shows that having more of an education and training allows for more money to be made. In these few sentences, he proves that fact: "Men who were born between 1960 and 1964 and graduated from college earned a median of $802,000 in cumulative earnings by the time they were in their mid 40s, up from $687,000 for men born between 1940 and 1944, according to a report released by the Urban Institute last month. Meanwhile, median earnings for high school graduates fell from $435,000 to $243,000 over that same time period, points out Josh Mitchell, a research economist for the institute."

2) Grades are linked to the chances of getting into college, or finishing college.
 '"A one­ unit increase in your GPA has a very sizable impact on your education and earnings," says Michael T. French, director of the health economics research group at the University of Miami.' says the article. I know this fact very well, as it's pounded further into my head every time it's discussed. THIS is a link that goes even further in depth about how grades affect college admission.

3) Grades and the educational attainment was the strongest for minorities. This could be because of the gap that was created in jobs for minorities. This part of the articles shows this: However, those higher grades in high school didn't translate into higher earnings for African Americans, which French says could be due to a gap in the opportunities made available to minorities. Some workers may also choose to go into lower­ paying fields, he adds.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Military academy thingy

1) I believe the reason for the increase of students is because the number of people who go to college is a very high number, with the evidence in paragraph two. '“We’re using the military structure to get kids to go to college,” French said. “It teaches them self-reliance, self-discipline, leadership — all attributes needed for success in college.”' is what the article says.

2) The purpose of this article is to inform the reader about the military academy, and how many students are going to college. It informs the reader of what the daily life of this academy is like, along with the attitudes of the people going here. It also tells many other schools what they could be doing to help their students graduate.

3) Having student responsibility is so important because it allows the students to be responsible after high school, which is where they would need to be the most responsible. In South Haven, we could improve student responsibility by handing out detentions if students don't get their work in after a few days. We could hold them responsible for the actions they make, good or bad. If it's a good action, it would get a reward, but if it's a bad one, then give them punishment. This is a link that talks about improving student responsibility.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Social Media and College.

1) I agree that Social Media accounts should be taken into account when colleges are making decisions on whether or not to accept someone new into college. When someone makes a post about something on Social Media, they usually believe it, and if it's bad enough not to accept them into college, then they will believe that until they change their mind about it.

2) I agree with the fact that some people are more concerned with being a character than having character. I believe this, because whenever I'm at my school, I will see people who are doing things for attention and to stand out. People will make fun of others just to become popular. Many kids are acting out in class, just to become a character, instead of having character.

3) High school rules mimic what happens outside of high school by giving out punishment when someone does something wrong.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Post-Graduation stuffs.

1) I found a nice apartment for rent at Greenbriar Apartments. It would be $770 rent for the month, or $385 if me and a roommate split the costs. This link goes to the apartment.

2) Bills that I would end up having would be car bills, phone bills, gasoline, Car insurance, health insurance, Food, Entertainment, and soap and other essentials.

3) It could be stressful living with a paycheck because you could end up not getting paid enough if you crash your car, or if you end up doing something to hurt yourself.