Monday, January 23, 2017

Final Blog of the Semester

1) Today, I will be answering the age old question about television. Does it have a good effect on human society, or a bad effect. I believe that television has a perfectly good effect on human society. It keeps them in the house, where they can't be starting any conflicts with others, and it keeps people off of the streets. It also shows them a good time, allowing them to be a better person.

2) I believe that Paris is the better husband for Juliet, because he has a lot of money, and he's more responsible than Romeo. Romeo's love is a very fast love, that Friar Laurence can see, shown here: Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here! Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear, that So soon forsaken?

3) Narratives and Memoirs are important pieces of writing because they allow the reader to understand what the writer has gone through in their life, be it good or bad. Here's a link showing why memoirs are so important:

Monday, January 9, 2017

Potatoes of the cheesy variety

1) Frederick the Great changed the idea of the potato in Prussia by making the peasants believe that the potato was very valuable since he had had guards protect the royal potato patch. Soon enough, underground potato farms started. Ataturk made it the law for prostitutes to wear the veil in Turkey, which would discourage women from wearing it, since they would not want to be associated with that group.

2) Rory's idea falls under perceived change rather than real change because it would change how long the ride to Paris would feel, not how long it would actually be. Since the tracks wouldn't be any shorter, it wouldn't be changing anything about the ride, except about how long it would feel like.

3) Changing what people feel is more effective than trying to change reality because if you try to change reality, you will end up with a lot of resistance, meanwhile if you change how people feel, it would be a change that won't be met with a lot of resistance. This is a link that tells more about perceived versus real change, but in time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Even more argument stuff

1) I feel that surveys that are cited in argumentative papers aren't usually reliable because they usually aren't completed by professionals, and instead are completed by people off of the street who wouldn't know what they're testing.

2) During the entire argumentative unit, I believe interpreting the data was the biggest struggle for me, because I'm not usually sure what I'm supposed to do with the data that I'm collecting, but I end up finding out what I'm supposed to do when I actually try it.

Image result for celebrity ads3)

This ad is using celebrity appeal and rhetorical questions. I believe this because the ad is asking if you 'got milk' even though you most likely wouldn't have milk.  I believe that badge value is being used because Wolverine drinks milk, and he's a famous person, so you should too, and it'll make you cool.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Argumentative stuffs.

1) It's important to support an argument with data/proof because it shows that you aren't making up things to put into a paper so that it can be over with. It shows that the argument is true, and can be validated. Here's a link to learn more about evidence:

2) An alternate claim would be important to an advertising firm or a business because it would help to determine whether or not it would be a successful product.

3) My audience for this paper is a business that is wanting to sell to a younger audience. I know this because the business would want to know what makes the teenager want to buy something so they can sell a product to that teenager. This way, it'll be easier to sell products that are specifically made for teenagers.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Advertising and it's effects on me.

A.  The ad is using the perceived value of Badge Value. I can tell because Yachts are usually owned by people who are very high in the social spectrum, leaving me to the assumption that they are using the Perceived Value of Badge Value.

B. I believe that when I am making decisions on what to purchase, I end up being persuaded by the Unfinished Claim, which is a claim that doesn't compare the product to another product, but still manages to sell it to the consumer. An example of this in my own life is when I'm watching TV and I see a commercial about batteries, which ends up persuading me to buy that type of battery because it shows me that it's better than any other product, and because the commercial has persuaded me to buy this product, I think it's the best brand to buy.

C. An advertising company may choose Messaging Value over Branding Value because the things that are socially 'cool' or 'new' are always changing, and the company wants to appeal to the largest amount of people by keeping up with the time, while if they relied on Badge Value, or brand loyalty, they would lose customers because loyalty to a brand is always changing as well. Here's a link showing that this theory is viable:

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet pt. 2

1) Romeo and Juliet have a 'romantic love' because they never talked to each other like people who have 'true love' do. Instead, Romeo tries to dodge out of talking, which would have made their marriage very difficult if they hadn't died beforehand.

2) True love is the best type of love because it gives happiness to whoever is truly in love with someone else, giving them true happiness.

3) Given the information given in the article, I believe that Juliet is more responsible with her emotions because she didn't want to see Romeo hurt at all, and she also didn't find any other boy to get into a relationship with, while Romeo did do those things.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

1) Romeo and Juliet is a political story because the higher ups in the political system of olden day Italy were ignoring what the Prince of Verona was ordering, and it also is a political story because the Prince exiled Romeo, and threatened to execute him if he ever returned. 
2) Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy because the definition of a tragedy is when someone, preferably noble or righteous (in this case Romeo and Juliet) makes a mistake. Romeo and Juliet made the mistake of getting married too early, which caused many different issues, from family feuds, which led to them both performing suicide. 
3) Going to plays were different in the time of Shakespeare because not everyone got seats. If you had more money than the rest, then you would get good seats with a good view of the play, but if you had less money, you would have to stand in the pit to watch the play. Not to mention that the plays were long plays, meaning the people who had to stand were standing for more than three hours.